Immune System in fighting Bloating

The immune system has a role in bloated stomach

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The Role of Immune System in Stomach Bloating

Your immune system is the defense mechanism against foreign attackers in our bodies. I am a clinical immunologist, and I will tell you the truth here. The immune system protects us against most health problems stomach health issues.

However, the immune system does not decide on your lifestyle, does it? On this one, your choices make it easy for you. This is the case when you have ulcers and gastritis to make you avoid stomach bloating.

The immune system 

The immune system in your stomach comes in handy particularly when there are pathogenic infectious agents. These agents include Helicobacter pylori and other bacteria, some parasites, or some viruses that cause stomach bloating. 

Gut Immune system concept
Immune system concept and gut infections to reduce stomach bloating

Surprisingly, sometimes this defense system can be a problem instead of helping. This is true when it comes to celiac disease which is an autoimmune disease – the immune system attacks the gut.

Stomach inflammation is one of the most common immune responses in your gut’s immune system whenever there is a problem. Unfortunately, this response can aggravate your stomach bloating issue.

Under this category, we shall provide professionally written well-researched articles that will help you understand the role of the immune system in stomach health.

Stomach Immune System

Your stomach is serviced by many cells of the immune that reside in the gut. Scientists tell us that a significant portion (More than 70%) of the immune system resides in the gut. The immune system interacts with the bacteria and keeps them a bay to ensure that you stay safe from infections. 

To start with,  one of the most important components of your immune system in the gut is IgA. This is an important immunoglobulin in the lining of your gut mucosa.

The IgA exists in your gut as a dimer (Two-in-one) and helps you in binding to the microorganisms. This binding makes them more visible to other cells of the immune system which destroy them.

Other resident cells include macrophages, dendritic cells, and plasma cells among others. In your gut, you also have important lymphoid tissues of the immune system like the Peyer’s patches and mesenteric lymph nodes.

How to Improve Your Gut’s Defense Mechanism

Whenever possible you should strive to improve the strength of your immune system if you want to remain healthy. We shall highlight a few ways through which you can improve your gut’s immune system. 

Gut immune system can help reduce stomach bloating
The steps to boost your gut immune system to help fight stomach bloating

The foods you can eat to improve your gut immune system include:

Fresh fruits and vegetables: These will never fail to feature whenever we talk about strengthening the immune system

Fiber-rich diet: There are many sources of this kind of foods

Fish from the natural water sources: These fish are better because the farmed ones may have been exposed to dangerous chemical

Eat HDL-rich foods: HDL means high-density lipoproteins. This is otherwise referred to as “good fat”. These include canola oil, avocado oil, and olive oil among others

Protein-rich foods: A balanced diet will do. But to emphasize this, ensure that protein intake is not compromised. If you are allergic to certain proteins like meat, you can always use alternatives. Enough proteins will help you maintain the microbiome an important aspect of the gut immune system

Lastly, remember that doing enough exercises is also a great way to improve the working of your immune system. 


The immune system has an important role in clearing infections hence, reducing stomach bloating that emanates from infections.  Keeping your immune system healthy will minimize the chances of infections.   


Immune System in fighting Bloating

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