Useful Abdominal Bloating Remedies

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This article discusses useful abdominal bloating remedies. Natural abdominal bloating remedies like ginger tea and lifestyle changes are better than bloating drugs from your doctor.

Sometimes you will deduce what abdominal bloating remedies to adopt by reading, listening, or watching other people share their experiences under the testimonials section of this blog.

You’ll look out for situations similar to what you have gone through – this is the best way to address your specific issue.

Whichever way, we are committed to bringing you the most helpful information and converting it into bloating remedies for your specific issue.

                      Let’s get started:

A Bloated Belly
A Man with Bloated Belly

Personal Experience with Abdominal Bloating

Have you gotten to where I was before my full recovery? My situation was terrible! Stomach bloating is a more serious problem than people can think.

My bloating nearly always kicked off just about 20-30 minutes after eating. This was regardless of the type of food I had eaten. It was an acute problem.

I sometimes thought that going without food would help. Sometimes this was the way, especially when attending an important meeting where I couldn’t keep on moving up and down to empty my bowel – in the toilet.

But that wasn’t the solution. Nutritionists will always discourage you from skipping meals in the name of achieving a certain outcome. It’s likely to give rise to something else that will equally be a problem.

I had the feeling of a very “swollen stomach” even when I had eaten too little. I suffered psychologically because it felt like I was developing a heart problem. You know what heart disease means, Right?

Difficulty in breathing came along in some instances. Heartburn was inevitable. A glass of milk seemed to aggravate the situation sometimes. Other times it provided relief.

It wasn’t enough relief though. I felt devastated. The experience was continually frustrating.

Seeking Abdominal Bloating Remedies 

I thought to myself, for how long can I withstand these frustrations? How long is it likely to last? Like many of you, I jumped to the internet to seek answers to my many questions.

The internet will certainly never fail to give you some form of answer albeit more disappointing sometimes.

Some people said stomach bloating, hyperacidity and peptic ulcers will never go away, especially when coupled with H. pylori infection. They said just what I didn’t want to hear.

My H. pylori test had just turned positive and I had just completed the ‘Plylokit dose’ of antibiotics for its treatment. The internet can sometimes make you ‘go mad’ to say the least.

We always Seek Answers to Our Problems from the Internet

Why did I come to seek answers from the internet? I asked myself very disappointed.

But how would I have avoided this when I am an internet addict? I absolved myself of the blame.

All this time, my productivity at the place of work had significantly gone down. I spent my time looking for answers from the internet, visiting hospitals, and spending a significant amount of time in the toilet – emptying my bowel.

I also realized that doctors either do not understand how to approach stomach bloating for a long-term solution or belittle such issues as ‘no big deal.

Well, to cut the long story short, I finally got well. As I tell you how I did let’s discuss the abdominal bloating remedies here:

Two General Approaches to Abdominal Bloating Remedies

We have two general approaches to abdominal bloating remedies. It’s either you take something like a drug or a natural remedy/food supplement on one hand, or just change your lifestyle and get better.

It all depends on the causes of your bloating.

You can combine the two approaches and get better results to an extent of living a normal life like you used to live before these issues condemned you to dull life.

Let’s discuss the two approaches in detail now: 

1. Drugs and Food Supplements

When it comes to drugs, your doctor will administer this to treat an underlying disease that brings about symptoms like bloating.

Once that primary issue is solved, the bloating will perhaps be over. I’m afraid this doesn’t always work as expected. It can give a temporal relief though.

a. Peppermint Capsules

These capsules are sold over-the-counter in your local pharmaceutical store. You can buy some, particularly when you feel signs of indigestion.

Indigestion is among the commonest causes of abdominal bloating.

Peppermint capsules will help relax the smooth muscles lining your gastrointestinal tract. This will in turn help the gas trapped therein to escape. You’ll have a better bowel movement as well.

People with heartburn, however, have complained about peppermint capsules worsening the situation. In this case, you can avoid them and go for other options.

If you’ve been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, peppermint capsules are among the best solutions.

But since IBS is a medical condition, if your bloating is a result of this, then follow the instructions of your doctor before trying other food supplement remedies for abdominal bloating

b. Gas Relief Capsules 

These products have also been found useful in relieving people suffering from bloating. I have personally used and found Beano Gas Relief Tables to be very helpful.

Whenever I have used them my day went on so smoothly that I nearly forgot that I had a stomach bloating problem.

There are many other gas-relief pills and liquid drugs that you can find online including but not limited to Simethicone pills and liquid.

Though I have not tried this one before, you can read about it and see if it can help.

c. Food Enzyme Dietary Supplement 

On some occasions and nearly always, stomach bloating is a result of food indigestion.

You’ll usually have slow digestion of certain types of food including beans among others.

There are several food enzyme dietary supplements that you can purchase online to aid digestion as a long-term solution to abdominal bloating.

The most popular one is the Beano Food Enzyme which was discovered by Alan Kligerman of AkPharma in 1990. This is perhaps the best abdominal bloating remedy that has ever been.

Deservedly, Alan was awarded the Nobel prize in Medicine in 1991 for this discovery.

Beano Food Enzyme is a gluten-free, product that will help you to deal with stomach bloating.

Positive results have been reported by people who have used this enzyme including myself.

This product helped me to beat bloating once and for all. Beano Food Enzyme aids in the digestion of hard-to-digest foods like beans, whole grains, and some types of vegetables.

There are several other supplemental food enzymes that you can purchase online to help you beat indigestion and consequently beat abdominal bloating.

d. Probiotic Supplements

In our stomachs, we have two types of bacteria. The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ bacteria. Probiotics supplements are artificial products that contain both good bacteria and good yeasts.

These organisms do not cause disease but rather aid in digestion. You may therefore find them helpful in reducing bloating, farting/flatulence, and stomach pain.

You can purchase probiotics online and the merchants will deliver them wherever you are around the world. Always follow the instructions on the package to get optimal results.

2. Life-Style Changes – Long-term Solution for Abdominal Bloating

Lifestyle changes can provide long-term benefits and sometimes stop stomach bloating permanently. Let’s review them here:

a. Drinking Plenty of Water Instead of Carbonated Drinks

To reduce stomach bloating completely, you should avoid carbonated drinks like sodas. Sodas increase gas content in your stomach and cause stomach bloating.

Most people will experience a ‘full stomach’ very few minutes after drinking carbonated products.

These drinks contain a lot of sugars and sweeteners which do not do any good if you have constipation.

They can spoil your workday. I stopped drinking sodas completely and that’s another reason why I went back to normalcy in life.

b. Stop Chewing Gum

What is the benefit of chewing gum? You may argue that chewing gum helps you keep your mouth fresh.

Avoidance of chewing gum is one of the useful abdominal bloating remedies
A lady chewing gum

Well, maybe that is true but we have many alternative ways of keeping your mouth fresh. And you may just be doing it as a habit whose benefit you can’t tell by the way.

While chewing gum, you swallow in a lot of air. This will only worsen your bloated stomach or increase the chances that you’ll have a bad day arising from abdominal bloating.

I have found avoiding chewing gum one of the most effective lifestyle changes that can eliminate your difficulties with stomach bloating.

c. Consider Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage has been found to have some benefits when it comes to dealing with stomach bloating.

This massage can be done by oneself. Alternatively, you may seek the assistance of professionals to help you with the same at a fee.

Abdominal massage will aid in bowel movement and hence ease up your bloated stomach.

Other documented benefits of abdominal massage include helping in digestion and getting rid of constipation.

d. Increase Your Dietary Fiber Intake

It’s recommended that males should take 38g of fiber while their female counterparts should take at least 25g daily.

Though these requirements may sound simple, they are impossible to achieve in some parts of the world.

Increasing your dietary fiber will help with digestion and help you avoid constipation and stomach bloating.

You can increase soluble dietary fiber by increasing the intake of citrus fruits, oats, carrots, peas, psyllium, beans, apples, and barley.

To increase insoluble fiber in your diet, you should eat more cauliflower, potatoes, and green beans among other types of foods.

e. Improve On Your Eating Style

Did you know that opening your mouth too wide while eating can aggravate your stomach bloating? You simply take in a lot of air when eating this way.

But it’s also shameful to catch everyone’s attention around you with your bad eating style.

So let’s agree that such an eating style has no benefit whatsoever.

Opening your mouth moderately, and being silent while eating has been associated with reduced abdominal bloating. Some people call this “Table Manners”.

f. Eat at Regular Intervals Only

Do not insist on eating any time you find something to eat. Such a habit will deteriorate your stomach bloating.

Instead, eat at regular intervals and eat smaller portions of food. Do not eat too much too fast.

Eating at regular intervals will give your digestive system time to digest the food and help you control bloating.

g. Do Exercises Daily

You may, for example, take a walk, or do push-ups, especially after meals.

A lady doing push-ups

This way, you will release any gas that is trapped in your digestive system and reduce the possibility of bloating.

Besides this, exercising will facilitate digestion and reduce the possibility of constipation.

You’re unlikely to suffer from stomach bloating in such circumstances.

Scientists have also found that during exercising you’ll lose sodium salts which would otherwise cause water retention and cause stomach bloating.

h. Emptying Your Bowel Completely

If your stomach bloating is a result of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Diagnosed by your doctor), then complete emptying of your bowel may ease your stomach bloating and give you a good day.

You should be careful not to force pooping too hard to avoid injury especially if you have constipation.

i. Take Ginger Tea Daily 

I have found ginger tea every day to be a good way to get relief from stomach bloating.

Take ginger as one of the useful abdominal bloating remedies
Fresh ginger and lemon for making ginger tea

Fresh ginger is readily available in many food marketplaces around the world. All you need to do is to buy the fresh ginger, chop it into small pieces put them into your boiling tea or water.

You may sometimes mix them with fresh lemon. Ginger is not bitter and once you get used to it, you will get some form of addiction and it will be helpful to you.

Taking ginger tea daily is one other way through which I managed to beat my stomach bloating issue completely.

There are also well-researched and formulated ginger products like Ginger Root Capsules and Organic Ginger Tea Bags that you can purchase and use as directed to beat your abdominal bloating. Any products with ginger should help.

j. Eat low-FODMAP Diet

Scientific research has found a low-FODMAP diet to be effective in easing stomach bloating.

We can certainly report some long-term benefits of such a diet including reducing flatulence and abdominal pain that accompany stomach bloating.

You’ll find that some manufacturers have packaged a low-FODMAP diet product that you may purchase to help you beat abdominal bloating.

You may read the complete description of this product here.

k. Monitor Your Diet for Food Intolerance

If you have certain food intolerances, that may be the cause of your stomach bloating.

The commonest intolerances include lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance.

People with lactose intolerance are unable to digest lactose sugars in dairy products.

Therefore, if you have stomach bloating or heartburn resulting from hyperacidity, taking a glass of milk is likely to worsen the situation instead of helping relieve your symptoms.

Similarly, if you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, that may mean that you cannot eat a meal with gluten as it aggravates your stomach bloating situation.

The best way to beat stomach bloating is to keep a list of foods that cause the symptoms and once sure, strike them off your diet.

You can take alternative foods and live a stress-free life. I have personally applied this approach and it’s the best.

l. Farting and Belching As Abdominal Bloating Remedies

Although it’s always embarrassing to belch and fart at all times, it helps a lot in relieving stomach bloating.

While belching means producing excess gas through your mouth, farting or flatulence means producing gas through your anus.

Already embarrassed? Relax! Let’s talk about the benefits of farting.

So, when bloated in your abdomen, excuse yourself from the people and fart or belch as much as possible if you want instant relief from your bloated abdomen.

Of course, you have to be wise while doing this lest everybody runs from you. Do not keep farting amid your friends or colleagues.

Take a quick walk upstairs or downstairs, finish ‘your business’, and rejoin them. Do not resist the urge to fart.

Resisting will only worsen your symptoms of stomach bloating and make you feel very uncomfortable.


  • Bloating is a serious issue that can cause discomfort and make you unproductive at work
  • There are drugs, foods, and food supplements that can help you beat stomach bloating
  • Lifestyle change offers the best solution to your abdominal bloating after mitigation of the acute bloating with drugs and food supplements.


Useful Abdominal Bloating Remedies

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