Smelly Farts: How Leaders and Celebrities Manage Farting

Smelly Farts can be caused by bacterial infections

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Smelly farts can be a problem not only to you but mostly to the people surrounding you. It is not uncommon to see people running away from farting friends especially if the fart is smelly.

The question that many people ask is whether leaders (Including politicians) and celebrities fart. My answer is very simple before I explain further. Why wouldn’t they fart? They are human beings.

We shall discuss farting and bloating among leaders. But before we do, let’s, first of all, get to understand what farting is. Farting is the act of expelling gas through the anus. Farting is also called flatulence.

Why do We fart?

You may wonder if it is normal to fart. It’s normal and healthy to fart. This is one way of expelling excess gas from your body through the anus.

The other way is belching – through your mouth. But it should not be too smelly.

Smelly farts can be offensive to those surrounding you
A woman reacts to smelly farts around her surroundings (Photo Courtesy: Deposit Photos)

On average a normal human being should fart 5-15 times a day. However, farting too much, all over the place can embarrass you and make life unbearable for others.

What Causes Smelly Farts?

Though farting is normal as explained above, smelly farts should worry you. It could be a sign of many serious underlying problems. 

Some of the situations in which people have smelly farts include when they have bacterial infections and cancer of the colon.

The other cause of smelly farts is when people react to lactose (e.g. in milk) or gluten. Therefore, people having gluten and/or lactose intolerance produce very smelly farts.

This can easily send you scampering for ‘safety’.You need to visit your doctors so that a thorough investigation can be carried out.

Then the cause of the bloating that ultimately leads to smelly farts can be eliminated.

Ways of distinguishing Smelly farts

Although most of the farts make some sounds of different kinds, smelly farts are ‘silent’ for the most part. That means, that the fart will catch you unawares.

By the time you learn about it, your environment is already spoilt – you’ve already inhaled the junk of the ‘funny stuff’. 

Leaders with Smelly Farts in Functions

Are leaders, including politicians, bothered or inconvenienced by farting? Do they fart? Yes, why not? They are human.

If farting can be embarrassing to you as an ordinary person, then it can be a “Giant Embarrassment” for your leader. Leaders are always surrounded by many people.

Smelly farts: How Leaders and Celebrities Manage Farting
A Group Reacting to Smelly Farts from One of Them (Photo Courtesy: Deposit Photos)

If they have smelly farts, many people will suffer silently. You cannot show your boss that you are uncomfortable yet you are say, the bodyguard or personal assistant.

On the other hand, the leader is human and has to fart whenever inevitable just like you do. It’s certainly not easy for them.

A friend of mine once worked as a personal assistant to a prominent politician. He observes that a leader who was scheduled to speak (say last) may request to speak and hurriedly leave.

This leader could be suffering from serious bloating accompanied by the urge to constantly fart for relief.

So the master of ceremony will give an excuse that sounds like: “Our leader is scheduled to attend another function and hence has to leave immediately”.

We, of course, know that leaders have diaries and that is why this excuse may not make a lot of sense.

But this doesn’t mean that this is always the case. The leaders could be responding to a serious emergency somewhere – not related to stomach bloating, gas, or farting.  

Celebrities with Smelly Farts

Celebrities are people with professions like music, performing arts, comedians among others. Do they suffer stomach bloating, gas, and the need to fart?

As already stated for leaders and politicians above, celebrities are human and so not an exemption to such challenges.

The only difference is that they are public figures and so the public tracks each of their actions.

For instance, if you as an ordinary citizen produce smelly farts in public, people can only insult you and leave you alone.

For a celebrity or a leader, that is news that people will report in both the mainstream media and social media.

They will even start funny discussions on the same – it will trend for a few days. Musicians attract many people as fans.

They travel with a huge team of dancers and other assistants. If they had smelly farts many people would have to persevere.   

Brides or Bridegrooms with Bloated Stomach during Weddings

Think about this scenario. You are a bridegroom or bride and you have a bloated stomach. You are also producing smelly farts all over the place as you dance. You just can’t help it!

You cannot exploit your full potential when it comes to dancing. You’ll spoil your own function and spoil for the family and friends.

Smelly farts: How Leaders and Celebrities Manage farting
Bride and Bridegroom Dancing in their wedding (Photo Courtesy: Deposit Photos)

That’s why the bride and the bridegrooms should work with assigned nutritionists a few days before and during their weddings.

A wedding is an expensive and valuable affair – you cannot afford to spoil it. If you have lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance, you will still do a wedding, won’t you?

All that you need to know are the right stomach bloating and gas remedies – know what to avoid, eat the right foods.

Emergency photo-shoot sessions to cover possible smelly farts

A friend who is involved in matters weddings planning told me something about the bride and bridegrooms.  

When they have bloated stomachs, the master of ceremony fakes some photoshoot sessions as a matter of emergency. Then they will go away from the public to seek relief – farting, belching, pooping, or some stomach massage.

I’m sure you’ve attended weddings and heard these announcements for photo-shoot sessions before its scheduled time on the wedding program. 

Of course, it is not always for such reasons. It may be because of changing weather and so the need to capture the moment before changing conditions like the presence of the rains.

It might be getting dark and the photoshoot is not of the best quality at night.


  • Smelly farts are not normal and they need to be clinically investigated
  • Leaders, politicians, bridegrooms, brides, and celebrities suffer stomach bloating and can have smelly farts as well.
  • Smelly farts among leaders and celebrities are more embarrassing because they are always surrounded by many people
Smelly Farts: How Leaders and Celebrities Manage Farting

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