Excessive Farting: Can you abandon your partner for farting?

Too much or excessive farting can mess your bedroom matters

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Excessive farting can be embarrassing. But the worst situation is when it makes you be abandoned by your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. They just can’t stand it, it’s a burden they wouldn’t want to be associated with.

Why do you have Excessive farting?

Farting, also called flatulence and is the normal process of relieving yourself of excess gas that makes you feel bloated. This gas is usually trapped in your gastrointestinal tract. On average when things are normal you should fart no more than 15 times a day.

If you are farting way more than this, there is a problem. It needs to be addressed. You may be having a medical condition like bacterial infections that produce gas. You may be eating the wrong foods – even just chewing gum can significantly increase gas.

Excessive farting can make you lose a partner

Does this sound real? Yes, it incredibly happens in our society. On many online forums that discuss stomach bloating and gas, I have seen people complaining a lot about it. They say that their partners left them for excessive farting.

People have been abandoned by their partners due to excessive farting
Excessive farting can mess up your morning sleep as a couple (Photo Courtesy: Deposit Photos)

For instance, the state like; “My boyfriend is farting like 200 times in a day, I can’t live with it” or “My girlfriend is farting all over at all times making me breathless, I have to leave now”. It sounds very funny, doesn’t it?

But it is a very serious matter as well. I would have shown you screenshots but for copyright reasons, I won’t. I encourage you to read for yourself in such online forums if you doubt me. You’ll see for yourself.

Let me now pose a direct question to you: would you leave your partner for excessive farting? Is it really fair? Doesn’t it look petty? Why do you report it on the online forums in the first place?

In my opinion, excessive farting should never be a reason to abandon your partner, right? There are remedies.

Remedy for Excessive farting

Since the causes of farting like stomach bloating among others are known, they can be addressed. Just look out for abdominal bloating remedies. If you address stomach bloating and the underlying causes, you’ll have addressed farting (flatulence) at the same time.

Would you stand your partner’s disability?

If you can leave your partner for just excessive farting, would you stand the disability that comes in the course of life? We know that our day-to-day activities are surrounded by misfortunes. People are involved in accidents and they permanently become disabled.

Your partner can get fed-up with your excessive farting habits
Your partner can say enough is enough to excessive farting (Photo Courtesy: Deposit Photos)

My thinking is that if you can leave a partner for just farting, you will certainly leave them for disability. It isn’t fair. It can happen to you as well. You would desire care and tolerance, wouldn’t you? You need to give the same when called upon.

When exchanging wedding or relationship vows. Whether in public or in private between you and your partner, you promise that only death can separate you, right? Is excessive farting the death you meant? It is not! Let’s therefore, be considerate and reasonable.


  • Excessive farting is abnormal yet not permanent. There are remedies.
  • It is not a reasonable reason to leave your partner. It isn’t fair either.
  • If you can leave your partner for excessive farting, then we conclude that you cannot stand their disability.


Excessive Farting: Can you abandon your partner for farting?

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